Honda Responds to Cheap Yamaha Hybrid Motorcycles in Indonesia

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

GM Corporate Communication Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Ahmad Muhibbuddin responds to Yamaha Indonesia launching Yamaha The Fazzio hybrid that is sold is more affordable than the Honda PCX hybrid.

Yamaha’s new hybrid motorcycle called the Fazzio hybrid, which offers a retro concept, is known to be sold starting at IDR 21.7 million. Meanwhile, Honda’s hybrid motorcycle, the PCX eHEV, is currently marketed almost twice as much as Fazzio’s, which is IDR 43.75 million.

According to Muhibbuddin, the presence of the Fazzio hybrid product will certainly increase consumer choice for scooter models marketed in the country.

The man who is familiarly called Muhib has no problem with Yamaha’s strategy of launching a hybrid motorcycle that is more affordable than the Honda PCX hybrid in the country.

“The presence of other models will certainly enliven the market and increase choices for consumers,” said Muhib via text message, Tuesday (18/1).

He also stated that Honda has no plans to produce another motorcycle model with a hybrid system that costs less than the PCX hybrid. Honda is still focused on improving the image and advantages of the PCX hybrid to meet the driving needs of its consumers.

“For hybrids, we are still focused on current products,” said Muhibbuddin.

PCX hybrid is the first motorcycle in Indonesia that has two driving hearts, namely through a conventional engine and also an electric motor. The product was first released in the country in 2018 and then changed models in early 2021.

The PCX hybrid system, like the one used by Fazzio, is more about providing additional power when the driver wants to accelerate via an electric motor.

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