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The KPK still summons Lukas Enembe even though he insists on being absent


KPK scheduled inspection Papuan governor Luke Enembe as suspected today. The KPK sent out a second call from last week.

“Yes (the citation is on schedule). So far, it is as per the agenda as the citation we have sent and received from the suspect and his legal advisers,” KPK News Head Ali Fikri said once confirmed. , Monday (26 / 9/2022).

Ali Fikri is known to have presented the agenda for today’s exam since Thursday (22/9). Ali said the KPK had sent a summons for Lukas.


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“The exam is scheduled for Monday, September 26, 2022, at the Red and White KPK building,” KPK news chief Ali Fikri told reporters at the time.

Today’s exam is Luke Enembe’s second call. Previously, the KPK had also called Lukas on September 12, but he was not present.

Luke called he won’t come today

Earlier, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe’s lawyer, Aloysius Renwari, revealed his client’s current condition. He said that Lukas Enembe was still being treated, so he was unable to attend the KPK summoning.

“He is still sick and will not fulfill the second call,” Aloysius said when contacted on Wednesday (9/21).

Aloysius said his group would provide Luke Enembe’s medical certificate to the KPK. Medical letter as proof that Luke is ill and on treatment.

“And we will write to the KPK with a sick letter from his medical record from the Papua Regional General Hospital,” he said.

Additionally, Aloysius said Lukas Enembe’s leg was swollen and his blood pressure was high. Luke is said to have had a second stroke.

“He was treated at home in sick condition, his legs were swollen, he couldn’t walk, his blood pressure was high. This is Lukas Enembe’s second stroke,” he said.

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