Home Entertainment The kilos fly off at The Bachelorette candidate Jethro

The kilos fly off at The Bachelorette candidate Jethro


Could it be the butterflies that are causing the weight loss? Or perhaps the gallons of alcohol that Jethro exchanged to promote non-alcoholic wine in his photos? He must owe you the answer for now, but one thing is certain: since his adventure in South Africa, his clothes have been a lot looser. With the hashtag # sincezuidafrika10kilolichter, Jethro announces that he has lost a lot of weight in recent months. That can be seen in the photos he shares to promote his participation in the Kiki Duren podcast.

Jethro seemed to be making a good turn at Gaby when he threw Jordy on the bus in episode nine of De Bachelorette. Jordy would have said something about his wild kiss with the Bachelorette, but according to Gaby nothing is true of those wild stories. You can see how the bomb bursts in the villa in the video below.



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