Technology Neowise Comet offers show when passing close to Earth

Neowise Comet offers show when passing close to Earth


A Kite recently discovered is traveling relatively close to Earth, providing an amazing night show after passing close to the Sun and extending its tail.

The comet Neowise passed through the orbit of Mercury a week ago. Its proximity to Sol it caused dust and gas to burn on its surface to create a huge tail of debris. It is now heading towards the vicinity of Earth and its closest approach will be in two weeks.

Comet Neowise photographed from the International Space Station. / AP

NASA’s Neowise Infrared Space Telescope discovered the comet in March.

Scientists said the comet is about five kilometers in diameter. The core is covered in holly material that dates back to the origin of the solar system 4.6 billion years ago.

The comet will be visible worldwide until mid-August, when it will head to another area of ​​the solar system. It is already visible to the eye in dark skies but with little or no light pollution and binoculars are needed to see the tail, NASA said.

comet3 The comet seen from Salgotarjan, Hungary. / AP

Astronauts in the International Space Station they have already glimpsed it.

The astronaut Bob Behnken, from NASA, published on Thursday a spectacular photo of the comet on social networks that shows it near the edge of our planet, with the space station in the foreground and Central Asia on one side.

“Stars, cities, spaceships and a comet!” He tweeted from space.

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