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The Journey of Hideo Kojima: From Konami Breakup to “Death Stranding” Success

Everyone may not have forgotten that the well-known Japanese game producer “Hideo Kojima” broke up with Konami in December 2015. Hideo Kojima has since left Konami and also lost the copyright to his masterpiece “Metal Gear”. However, Hideo Kojima later founded the “Kojima Productions” studio and later launched his debut film “Death Stranding”.

Famous Japanese game producer “Hideo Kojima”

Hideo Kojima shared a tweet on the 17th through his personal . This is why there is no retirement, creating things is life. Another thing is that in the game industry, there are very few people who are independent and successful from major game production studios, whether in Japan or abroad.”

He also mentioned that when he left Konami and founded the “Kojima Productions” studio, almost everyone was not optimistic about him: “Even eight years ago, when I founded my own studio, everyone was not optimistic about me. , which includes my peers, colleagues, and relatives, they always say: “This will never succeed!” because they believe that it is impossible to succeed without the financial and organizational strength of the company. However, someone has to prove that this is a cliché way of thinking. Young creators must be given the freedom to choose. This is one of the reasons why I continue to create things.”

“Kojima Productions” studio

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