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The Importance and Beauty of Palm Trees: Cultivation, Trade, and Festivals in the UAE

The heat increases and the humidity intensifies, the palm trees become abundant with fruits, the colors and shapes multiply, the palm groves expand, the green fronds fill all the spaces, new and wonderful varieties appear after the great efforts in bringing the finest from the surroundings and lands of the Arabian Peninsula. The names are no longer known only locally, and are well-known such as (Al-Naghal, Al-Khasab, Al-Khunaizi, Al-Khalas, and Al-Fard), but interest has grown and shifted from food to trade. Many factories have emerged and marketing diversified. The palm tree has become of great importance, and God Almighty has honored it in the most beautiful pictures bearing it. Its name and fruit are in the Holy Book (And shake the trunk of the palm tree for you, so it will fall on you fresh ripe dates).
A beautiful picture of the palm tree, with a high trunk in ascending and standing, and also a strange food, and it may dispense with a lot of food. I remember our old divers telling us about the importance of dates in their very difficult and arduous sea struggle. In that misery and fatigue, their strength and day of work were supported by dates and a drink of water, from morning to evening. We also know that the one who owns a palm tree, whether in his house or farm, owns a valuable treasure that he enjoys during the wet season and feeds with his family from its fruits, and what overflows he turns into dates, which he stores for the winter period. One of the most wonderful beautiful scenes that has gone and will not be repeated is when your father brings a ripe grapefruit and hangs it in the house, then it begins to ripen, and you visit him every hour and when you pick a ripe fruit or more, then you run to play in the yards, rest assured that hunger will not affect you, because there is a fresh grapefruit Hanging from the ceiling of your house is a helper to quell your hunger.
Among the most beautiful scenes that are still stuck in my mind since childhood are the large cars (Bedfords) that cross the sands to the inner oases, Al Ain, Al Jimi and Al Hili, and then return loaded with the goodness of palm trees and their fruits. The most wonderful sight and view is watching the fresh dates tied to the roof of the truck and its trunk, the colors of yellow, red and green, which is enhanced by the splendor of a number of children running behind those big cars, until they stop in front of the house they came for.
The joy of the wet seasons was great, but it grew and grew and the importance of cultivation and palm care rose in light of the great interest of the UAE. It developed to the point where it became redundant and many ideas were invented to exploit this great tree/palm tree. Dates festivals started with Liwa, and spread to all Emirates, and there were many shows, with new types of palm fruits. They are beautiful occasions that reinforce the idea of ​​diversifying the source of production and the importance of agriculture, as it is the future of every country and the food produced by your hands is the protector from the cycles of time and days, then it is an adornment and beauty for the land and the country. Plant a palm tree that gives you beauty and nourishment.

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