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The human ovum prefers the sperm of some men rather than others

New study shows that human eggs use chemical signals to attract sperm. So no matter how attractive a woman is to a man, fertility depends on the preferences of the eggs.

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New research may help us better understand some of the causes of infertility in a couple. Researchers from Stockholm University and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) wondered if human oocytes were able to choose sperm that they wanted to attract. Indeed, the oocytes release chemoattractants which induce chemical attraction to attract the male reproductive cell to them. As a reminder, oocytes are released at the time of ovulation and do not become eggs until fertilization by the sperm.

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Oocytes choose the sperm they want to attract

To successfully demonstrate the ability of the human egg to choose sperm from a particular sperm, the researchers studied the response of male gametes to follicular fluid. The latter is the extracellular fluid which surrounds the oocytes and which contains the chemoattractants. According to Dr. John Fitzpatrick, ” a woman’s follicular fluid more effectively attracts a man’s sperm while another woman’s follicular fluid attracts another man’s sperm even better ” Simply put, it means interactions between oocytes and sperm depend on the woman and the man involved in intercourse.

In addition, contrary to what one might think, a woman’s oocytes do not necessarily attract sperm from her partner better. Fertility therefore does not depend on the attraction that a woman can feel towards a man. It should also be noted that, according to Dr. John Fitzpatrick, sperm never choose oocytes. Their only objective is to fertilize an oocyte in order to transform it into an ovum. As for the oocytes, they would select the best quality sperm or genetically compatible.

This scientific discovery will play a very important role in our understanding of human fertility. It will allow researchers to better identify the causes of infertility around the world.

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Source: Phys.org

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