The Hot Sahara Desert Suddenly Snows, What’s Up with the Earth?


The Sahara Desert in the Algerian region which is famous for being hot during the day is now suddenly covered in snow. Experts call it evidence of the severity of the Earth’s climate crisis. Photo/Twitter @Strange_Sounds

AIN SEFRA Sahara desert which is famous for being hot when the day is suddenly shrouded snow . Environmental experts say this rare phenomenon proves the severity of the climate crisis on Earth.

Snowfall has left a dazzling pattern on the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert after temperatures dipped below zero degrees Celsius.

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Usually, the temperature in the desert during the day can reach 38 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

This image, taken earlier this month, shows snow and ice near the town of Ain Sefra in northwestern Algeria. This area has only experienced snow a few times in the last 40 years.

Ain Sefra is located in the Atlas Mountains, 1,000 meters above sea level and is known as the “gateway to the desert”.
It is located in the province of Naama in Algeria in the northern part of the Sahara, close to the Moroccan border.

Although temperatures vary in the world’s largest desert, snow and ice are still rare. The only snow incidents recorded at Ain Sefra were 1979, 2017, 2018 and last year.

The amount of snowfall varies widely, from a snowstorm that stopped traffic in 1979 to 40cm that fell in 2018.

Ain Sefra, founded in 1881 as a French garrison city, experiences average high temperatures of around 37 degrees Celsius in summer and hit a record low of minus 10.2 degrees Celsius in winter.

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“Snow in [Gurun] The Sahara is unusual but not unheard of,” the UK Meteorological Office said through a spokeswoman The Independent, Thursday (20/1/2022).

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