The Hope Eater – An Exorcism of Gloom

16 years old is very young to lose your father. Rachel suffered this first trauma when a second could provide, her mother lets herself die. What harm is eating away at the family? The strange guy who approaches him at the end of high school gives him a story to sleep on: a demon who parasitizes the spirits has taken possession of his parents. It’s up to her to fight, sword ready to eliminate this monster, the Hope Eater.

© Karim Friha – Gallimard

By placing a fantastic register at the heart of everyday life, Karim Friha offers a formidable narrative. The reader recognizes Paris, Montmartre, the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. These streets, this classroom, this CHU are familiar. Some steampunk accessories invite themselves with the medium that introduces Rachel to a parallel world. This other universe keeps the attire of the Capital. By playing on colors, a dreary atmosphere sets in and the City of Light in which we find ourselves falls into a scary atmosphere worthy of Gotham City.

© Karim Friha – Gallimard

A simple line, close to manga, a more Anglo-Saxon subject, for a comic strip in resolutely French graphic novel format. Karim Friha transports his story in a morbid sequence, but somewhere saving. One can imagine that this Hope Eater who tarnishes memories is a parable of the depression that Rachel fights him by bringing back to herself the best of her past. Rather essential before an uncertain spring.

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The Eater of Hope – By Karim Friha – Gallimard – 18 € 50 – 112 Pages

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