The Honorable Alessandro Zan’s LGBTQIA+ Festivals Business Exposed: Report Investigation

The Honorable Alessandro Zan “has a company that collects over a million euros from LGBTQIA+ Festivals”. Investigating the affairs of the dem parliamentarian who gave his name to the bill on homotransphobia is Report, which dedicates, in the episode of Sunday 10 December, an investigation on the topic. “The report will reveal the private activities of two prominent faces of the Democratic party: always in the front row for the defense of civil rights, outside Parliament they have turned this noble political battle into a business. Always at the forefront for the defense of civil rights, outside Parliament they have turned this noble political battle into a business. The conflict of interest in Parliament has no political color”, we read in a preview note of the broadcast hosted by Siegfried Ranucci su Rai3.

It emerges that Zan is the owner of the company that organizes the Padua Pride. In the broadcast, as anticipated on social media by Report, the accountant and statutory auditor Stefano Capaccioli explains that “the Pride Village of Padua is owned by the company Be Proud Srl, established with 3,000 euros by three partners (…). It is a commercial company that in 2022 grossed more than one million and 300 thousand euros, of which over 700 thousand euros in entrance fees and over 450 thousand euros from the bar’s takings”. Zan’s role is that of “sole director and majority shareholder”, explains the expert, “he is the beneficial economic beneficiary“.

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In Padua Zan was joined by the correspondent of Report, who asks him if Pride is a commercial event. “It is an event where everything that is earned is poured into the initiative, and therefore there is no type of gain”, explains the PD parliamentarian. But isn’t there a conflict of interest with the battles for rights that Zan does in Parliament? “I lent my name to lend a hand but I do it with the spirit of service and free of charge“, assures the dem.

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In the episode broadcast tonight we also talk about Michela Di Biasedeputy of the Democratic Party also known for being the wife of Dario Franceschini. As shown in the asset declaration published by the Chamber of Deputies, it is a 25% shareholder of a company, Objective Cinque which, as the website reports, “is committed to ensuring that gender equality is a fundamental principle for an inclusive and sustainable society, where economic success and social well-being go hand in hand. Objective Five supports businesses to promote and support a concrete commitment to an inclusive society”, with collaborations with large companies.

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