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Revolutionary Health Test by Chemist Fabio: Detailed and Fast Analysis of Your Body’s Health – Diana Ballerini Interview

Diana BALLERINI: “I did it in Italy, I also convinced Fabio to come and make a presentation. It is a new test on the market, in Italy it already exists in some clinics in Rome, it will expand even more. It is a very fast and very detailed, informative test. All the processes of our body are shown in this test from the collection of blood and the hair bulb”.

Diana BALLERINI: “Fabio is a chemist and invented this machine”.

The test is done in two stages, first a blood test is taken from the finger, and the second step consists of extracting a few strands of hair from the back of the neck.

Fabio, CHEMIST: “We first take the blood analysis, to check the excess of free radicals present in your body. It is believed that our cells age due to the oxidation process created by free radicals”.

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Fabio, CHEMIST: “The hair bulb is in the dermis, and there we have all the information about our cells. The first indicator, we check the cellular oxidative inflammation index. The second epigenetic test shows us the current causes of inflammation, nutritional deficiencies and certain allergies, intolerances or intoxications. This test has the advantage of providing a quick result, after only 20 minutes we can find out more indicators about the health and condition of our body”.

Fabio, CHEMIST: “It was difficult to unite these two different medical technologies, in a device that will provide an optimal result.”

Diana Ballerini says that she had some health and indigestion problems, which improved significantly after giving up certain food products that did not suit her and which she consumed in excess, such as hummus.

Diana BALLERINI: “I had poisoning from several types of food, I removed them from the regime and I am very ok now”.

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Fabio, CHEMIST: “The most important thing is to find out why you have certain deficiencies, you eat enough but it doesn’t assimilate, or you don’t eat enough of a certain product.”

Diana BALLERINI: “Now we will show you the whole picture of what you have in your body, what indices you have higher or lower, what deficiencies you have, what you lack in your body and what you are intoxicated with”.

At the end, Fabio explained to me which food products suit me, but also which ones I should exclude. At the same time, he gave me some recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and what I can do to protect myself from free radicals.

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