The Hong Kong Rowing Team Shines at Hangzhou Asian Games with 1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze

The Hong Kong Rowing Team Shines at Hangzhou Asian Games with 1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze

[Sports Road to Hangzhou]The Hangzhou Asian Games rowing event will continue to hold its finale at the Fuyang Water Sports Center. The Hong Kong team continues toZhao Xianzhen wins bronze medal in men’s single scullsLater, Zhang Hailin/Liang Qiongyun, representatives of the women’s double rudderless boat, also ranked second among the three participating teams, beating South Korea to win the silver medal. To sum up this year’s Asian Games, the Hong Kong rowing team ended with 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

Zhang Hailin/Liang Qiongyun

Fuyang Aquatic Center is the competition and training venue for the rowing and canoeing (including flat water and slalom) events of the Asian Games. The Hong Kong team stayed there on the first day of the official event.Lin Xindong/Wang Weijun in men’s double paddle boatThe strong performance in the final won the delegation’s first gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. The Hong Kong team, in pursuit of victory, appeared in three more events today. First, Zhao Xianzhen won the bronze medal in the men’s single sculls, and then Zhang Hailin/Leung Chung-yun competed in the women’s double sculls. The two recently defeated South Korea, which ranked second in the group, to advance to the finals in the preliminary round with a time of 7 minutes, 42 seconds and 69. Since only three teams from China, Hong Kong and South Korea participated in this event, there are only gold and silver medals in this event.

The Hong Kong team led the third-placed South Korea by more than 5 seconds in the preliminary round. They maintained their advantage in today’s finals. Although they were behind South Korea in the first 1000 meters and ranked last, they had great stamina and moved up to second place after completing four-and-a-half minutes of the race. In the end, they finished 7th. Crossing the line in minutes and 42 seconds, adding silver to Hong Kong. China ranked second with 7 minutes, 32 seconds and 22 seconds.

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Zhang Hailin/Liang Qiongyun won the silver medal.

After Zhang Hailin and Liang Qiongyun crossed the line, they just gave a simple high-five to celebrate. The two laughed and said: “I thought I would be so happy after crossing the line, ‘It’s done’, but I was really tired. I was too tired to think of anything. It’s finally over!” they pointed out. After the preliminary round, I kept thinking about the competition, which affected the quality of my sleep. Today I finally “sleeped well enough to train”. When it comes to the silver medal result, the two expressed satisfaction: “Although there are fewer participating countries, China and South Korea were the gold and silver medalists last time. Even if there are only three teams participating, it is a big challenge and the pressure is great. Maybe others will I think there will definitely be medals if there are only 3 boats, but we hope to do our best to win medals. We performed well this time and deserve this ranking.”

Liang Qiongyun, Zhang Hailin

Hong Kong who win medals at this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games will receive bonuses from the “Jockey Club Outstanding Athletes Award Scheme”. The top three in individual events will receive HK$1 million, 500,000 and 250,000 respectively, and the top three in team events will receive HK$2 million, 1 million and 500,000. Hong Kong dollar.

Pictures and interviews: He Ziyuan
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