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The head of Moon Studios wants to help Russians buy the game – CD-Action

It took place yesterday early access premiere of No Rest for the Wicked. The game received mixed reception among players, who complained, among others: for optimization, although apparently the foundations of the game have a lot of potential.

Meanwhile, one of the posts on the community tab accused Moon Studios of choosing the wrong publisher. Of course, this is about Private Division, which prohibits the sale of its games in Russia. The studio’s CEO, Thomas Mahler, commented on the matter.

People, what’s wrong with you? You are all gamers and each of you should be able to play No Rest for the Wicked. We have people from all over the world – Ukrainians, Russians and Israeli citizens. I am proud of the fact that we are a multicultural group of extremely talented individuals who work together on one work. I never cared about politics. We’re here to make great games that make people happy. If for some reason you can’t purchase No Rest for the Wicked, let me know and we’ll see what we can do.

Many people decided to explain to Thomas Mahler why games were not sold in a country ruled by an obsessed old aggressor, but the head of Moon Studios just started blocking them en masse. At the moment, we do not have any statement from the game’s publisher, Private Division, on how they view these shenanigans.

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