The group “Borowa Mc” releases a new single – motivation anthem in Latgalian

This week, the Latgalian group “Borowa Mc” has submitted a new single “You Can” to the audience, which the musicians are applying as a motivation anthem. A video has also been filmed for the new song.

The band has started work on a new album, which is planned to be completed and recorded in the coming months. Both the work on the song and the upcoming album band comment on the song: “If you can, then you do! Like in a marathon – we have overcome the wall and taken a second breath, and, picking up the pace and revolutions, we are heading towards the new! ”

The new song is like a mantra to repeat on the way to new achievements.

The video of the song “Tu vari” features a contemporary dance dancer and choreographer Agnese Bordjukova, who tells her interpretation of the song in the dance. The video also shows probably the most beautiful sunset in Latgale. The author of the video is Artūrs Valdmanis. It was filmed in Latgale – water tourism development center “Baka” and Felicianova manor.

The authors of the new song are Arcadia 87 and Guntra Kuzmina-Jukna, the lyricist is Aigars Runčis, the producer is Arcadia 87. The song is available on Spotify and other music streaming services.

“You Can” is the second single from the band “Borowa Mc” this year. After a few years of silence, in May the band released the return single “Doncoj ar mani”, which marked a turning point in the band’s sound, which is taken care of by music producer Arcadia 87. The band “Borowa Mc” was founded in 2004 and released three studio albums. Aigars Runčis, Guntra Kuzmina-Jukna and Ingars Gusāns work in the association.


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