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the great news that the “app” will receive during the coming year


Updated:30/12/2020 01: 00h


WhatsApp not stop. Throughout 2020 the messaging service owned by Facebook has been receiving new interesting features; such as the inclusion of dark way, the increase in the number of potential participants in video calls or the messages that self-destruct. By 2021, it is expected to continue incorporating tools that help improve the user experience. ABC collects some that the “app” is already testing at the moment.

WhatsApp on various devices

The possibility of using the same WhatsApp account in different «smartphones» or tablets It has been one of the most recurring requests from users of the platform over the years. Thanks to leaks from the specialized portal WABetaInfo, we know that the tool is already being tested. In principle, it will allow you to use the same account on a maximum of four devices. However, at the moment we do not know if it will only be available on “smartphones” or if, on the contrary, it can also be used with tablets and other devices. It should be remembered that Telegram, WhatsApp’s main competitor, has been offering this service to its users for a long time.

Goodbye to videos and photos

WhatsApp already allows you to schedule the destruction of the messages you send; but now the messaging application is working to go one step further. Specifically, it is designing a new function, which is already available in beta, which will allow the user to destruction of videos, photos and GIFS you send in a chat. This tool can be interesting for those who are especially jealous of their privacy; although, obviously, whoever receives the content can still take screenshots if they wish.

So they don’t bother you

Technology has become a indispensable tool for users to keep in touch. However, its abuse, especially in these times of hyperconnection and teleworking, can cause stress. To help prevent this, WhatsApp has been working for a few months on a new “vacation mode” that will allow those who use it keep conversations archived that the user wants even if new messages arrive.

New terms of use

WhatsApp will update its terms of use in 2021. Specifically on February 8, as recently announced WABetaInfo. At the moment it is unknown what they will include, although we do know that the news will be focused on explaining the way in which the application processes user data and how companies can use Facebook services to store and manage WhatsApp conversations . In order to continue using the application, it will be mandatory to accept the new terms.

Video calls (or calls) on your computer

Video calling services have seen tremendous growth in recent months in the heat of the pandemic. Facebook is one of the technologies that has opted the most for these tools. Has even released Messenger Rooms, a platform that allows the user to make video calls with up to 50 participants through WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger. Now, the messaging application, in particular, is working to make it possible too make video calls, or calls to dry, through the version for orderedA: WhatsApp Web. The function is already in beta, according to WABetaInfo.

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