the governor of Antwerp condemns “irresponsible” footballers and supporters

The governor of Antwerp, Cathy Berx, condemned this Monday the “irresponsible behavior of several football players on and around the pitch” this week-end. A “missed opportunity”, for her, “to give a clear example to all the supporters, to all our inhabitants”. The governor calls for “identical efforts on the part of everyone, without distinction” and reiterates its demand for strict compliance with the mandatory quarantine after travel to an area classified as red.

Measures “however absolutely necessary”

Cathy Berx says she understands that there was something to celebrate in Antwerp this weekend, including the victories of the clubs of Antwerp and Beerschot. The governor also recognizes that he is not “neither pleasant nor obvious” to do it moderately and in a small circle. “The additional measures in place in the province of Antwerp since Wednesday to fight Covid-19 demand a lot from everyone”, she admits. “They are however absolutely necessary to face the increase in the number of contaminations.”

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Cathy Berx still congratulated the many supporters who respected the rules. “It was also not easy or obvious for the Muslim community to organize one of its important moments, the feast of sacrifice, in a limited and modest way”, constate Cathy Berx. “Many butchers had prepared very well, volunteers were deployed to monitor compliance and many mosques were closed as a precaution. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Thank you to everyone who responded to the request. to celebrate this feast in a small circle, in an intimate family circle. “

The governor finally hopes that four weeks of severe measures will be enough to drastically reduce the number of coronavirus infections, so that a “microsurgical approach” then becomes possible.

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