The government of Moldova told which rocket fell on the territory of the country on January 14

“The last case of detection of a missile on the territory of Moldova was on January 14, 2023 in Briceni. As a result of the preliminary investigation, it was found out that the parts of the missile found are fragments of the S-300 air defense system,” she said on February 1 at a meeting of the Moldovan government

While presenting arguments in favor of extending the state of emergency in Moldova, Revenco noted that there is still a great risk that Russian missiles will cross the country’s airspace, or they will “accidentally fall on our territory after they are shot down by air defense systems.” “.


First time Russian rocket fell in the north of Moldova on October 31 2022.

During Russian attacks in Ukraine on December 5 in Moldova also unexploded rocket fell, it was found by border guards in the Briceni region of the country on the border with the Chernivtsi region, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova informed. The media indicated that a S-300 type missile had fallen. Then the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, after the missile attack of the Russian Federation called increase pressure on Russiaso that it stops the war against Ukraine, and the border the police opened a criminal case.

January 14 in the Brichansky district, which borders on Ukraine, border guards found rocket fragments after a massive Russian attack on Ukraine. This incident was the third recorded fall of a rocket on the territory of the republic. January 15 at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova announced the explosion of the found fragments of the rocketstating that it contained 80 kg of explosive in its warhead.

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