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The government of Chuvashia resigned – Politics

CHEBOKSARY, January 31. / TASS /. The government of Chuvashia resigned after being appointed interim head of the republic Oleg Nikolaev. Nikolaev informed about it on Friday at the first meeting with the cabinet.

“Today I signed a decree on the resignation of the government. I think that in the near future we will consult, obviously, we will continue to work with many of you and continue to talk about how the activities are organized,” said Nikolaev.

He also specified that in the future he intends to discuss with the Cabinet, whose members will perform duties “until new decisions”, plans for the implementation of national projects.

“We are observing that the president, having announced the message, has moved to actions that are verified, let’s say concrete, thereby setting the pace and the executive authorities, subjects, municipalities. Here we have a lot of priority in the priority,” added the interim heads of region.

According to him, the new government will be formed as soon as possible. “I will try to organize the work in such a way that this period is not very long, so that we decide as soon as possible and formulate appropriate decisions,” he said. Nikolaev added that this is necessary for the organization of a clear and coordinated work.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed a decree on the resignation of Mikhail Ignatiev from the post of head of Chuvashia in connection with the loss of confidence. Earlier on Tuesday, Ignatiev was expelled from United Russia after a scandalous incident when he made fun of an EMERCOM employee, forcing him to bounce behind the high-raised keys to new official cars. State Duma deputy Oleg Nikolaev has been appointed acting head of the republic, he will hold this post until the newly elected head of the republic takes office. Elections in the region should be held on a single voting day on September 13, 2020.

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