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“The Girl Who Became a Star” premieres theme song “Naruto” by MAISONdes, featuring hololive Star Street Comet and sakuma

The theme song for the theatrical animation “The Girl Who Became a Star” premiered in Japan on May 10 is the new song “Naruto” by the music project MAISONdes, sung by VTuber agency hololive Star Street Comet, and music producer sakuma. Responsible for writing lyrics and composing music.

“The Girl Who Became a Star” was originally a work of the same name by Takayama Kazumi (Takayama Kazumi), a former member of the girl idol group Nogizaka46, who debuted as a novelist. It was serialized in Kadokawa Monthly “ダ・ヴィンチ” in 2016, and a single book was released in 2018. The story is told The story of high school student Higashi Yuu who gathers his friends on his own and strives to become an idol.

According to a report by Japanese media nataliealthough the light novel “The Girl Who Became a Star” was Kazumi Takayama’s debut at the time, its wonderful writing resonated with many people, and the single book sold 300,000 copies. At the end of last year, it was announced that CloverWorks would adapt the theatrical version of the animation, and the 30-second trailer BGM was Many Starsinger (fans) recognize Sing Street’s voice.

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“The Girl Who Became a Star” theatrical animation released the theme song “なんもないfeat. Star Street すいせい, sakuma.”. In the special video recorded on February 8, Star Street Comet made a surprise appearance to wish Takayama Kazumi. Happy 30th birthday, she also resonates with the protagonist of this game, “I also made a dream plan to stand on the performance stage, and I am very close to Azuma.”

The person in charge of MAISONdes expressed in the report that he hopes that this song can allow the audience to find their own stories that touch their hearts. “The road to chasing dreams is usually full of loneliness and uneasiness, but I believe that the courage to step out from a state of nothing can be the key to success.” It’s the key to creating the most beautiful light.”

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