I did not change how I wanted to stay in Israel Veronika ilkov

The show will be seen on television in the fall. What would you like to give them about Israel?
I would recommend taking a trip to Israel with students, because it is really the cradle of civilization. that Star and New Testament, the biblical deed, wrote there, is actually a foundation of distance. The fact that you will find ten thousand years old monuments, the best-preserved ancient monuments in the world, the old city, the whole city, is again not all textbooks. If anything appealed a lot, it was the meeting with the American and Israeli fleets. That is, treat your children with honor. I haven’t heard or heard that here, I would probably turn my focus on young people.

Also there are no physical punishments for children?
I think that in Israel no one thinks of physically punishing children, because they take them as a gift to bo, also you are very young.

What made Israel so fascinated?
Israel is a very strong country, as is selling there. When you stand on the sand, it is not a calm dog, the legs change. When you go to moe, it moe vs thne. When you are on a crater in a pilgrimage, you feel as if you were rising into the clouds like a little prince. That land is magical and biblical and has become my love. I was very happy to go there. I’m not much of a change hunter and I had no idea that in my age of fifty plus I was so dizzy from other countries, but she turned around.

Did you cry over the lives of the living Holocaust and their descendants?
She cried. My meeting with people who perpetrated the Holocaust was very strong. Realize how many hunters I hear. Sometimes we turn her against each other, we don’t pull her. And when you see people who suffer the darkness, realize what a hunter can do and do. Israelites as nations have been on the line since they met. They fled to Egypt, to Babylon, then were scattered throughout the world, then again in the Middle Ages they were expelled from Spain and founded Tiberia. It is an interesting nation and there is something to know about the history, because only then does the city have the first experience.

Have you come a long way in Israel?
I learned humility in Israel. Here in Europe, I had the feeling that when I hit the bus and take the subway to Vclavk, that’s enough. But suddenly you are standing in front of a sale, which you have to bow to, and in front of a history where you can see that it is repeated under everything. From the kick-off of the right, which was, of course, to Jerusalem, to that time before our summer. Suddenly you see how humanity repeats its mistakes, love and desires, and it also leads back to the skin and knowledge.

Veronika Ilkov, her daughters Agta Prachaov and Kordula Stropnick and her mother Olga

I asked for self-knowledge of change, it seems to me that everything requires inner peace.
I would very much like to learn the peace of mind of all Israel, but I guess it will not happen at all. I dream of at least an inner peace that pins the joy of every day. In Israel do not drink to health, but lchaim to life. I also somehow reminded myself that we are not here forever and that it is necessary to be happy below. Joy, peace and smv.

So what are you doing in pt dekd of life? What are you going to do?
Do you know when bh laughs the most? When a hunter performs. (smch)

Also, don’t take things for granted and have you learned to improvise in your life?
I’m improvising my life. This is the essence of my permission, because the actor has to improvise. But I don’t mind, I like it and I take everything my life pin. Good and bad. It never occurred to me that I would go to Israel. I resisted that blah and today I am extremely happy and grateful to have been able to go there, and I actually thank Czech television for allowing me to document it and to give courage to others to go. It is a country where there are children, tourists with disabilities, the elderly, families and women themselves. Don’t be afraid to go to Israel alone with friends.


Veronica Ilkov

After returning to your children, are you big and double, more motherly than before?
Unfortunately, I didn’t change the way I wanted to. I am under the same mother who wants the maximum from her children. But that’s the mother’s lot. You don’t change them, even if they go to MSc, the instructions also appear under my mother’s room. But I am glad that first I worked with my son Cyril on this project in Israel. I didn’t want to mention the travelogue, I wrote it for Pavel Ke. My son never wanted to pst again. But fate so much so much that suddenly we were left with two of us, because ron free preparation with you only a family boy. (smch)

But thank you then your children at a distance?
I don’t think mothers expect days.

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