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In 2019, the Dutch Gaming Authority issued fines for 3.5 million euros. The fines went to companies that target the Dutch market with gambling sites. The amount is more than twice as high as last year.

The Gaming Authority summarizes that ten fines were imposed this year for offering online gambling. These are foreign companies that have also focused specifically on the Dutch market, for example by making it possible to pay with iDEAL and provide explanations in the Dutch language.

Fines of 1.7 million euros were imposed in 2018. According to Ksa chairman René Jansen, the amount is higher this year because the basic fine has been increased, there has been a repeat offender and because more large providers have been fined. The companies behind Unibet and bwin, among others, received fines. Since March this year, the basic fine is 200,000 euros; that was previously 150,000 euros.

According to Jansen, fines are also being paid more and more often, although it is not yet clear whether the fines imposed in 2019 will all be collected. According to chairman Jansen there are still time limits.

Offering online games of chance is illegal in the Netherlands. From 2021, this will change with the Remote Gambling Act. Providers may then offer online gambling services under conditions with a license. Companies that have received fines in recent years and that do not pay do not receive such a permit.

In 2020, the Ksa will continue to fine companies that target online gambling at the Dutch market. As of January, the regulator gives priority to sites that do not verify the age of participants in the registration process.

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