The first touchscreen phone to win an iPhone was the LG Prada Nostalgia


The death of the cell phone business LG Reminds many of its innovative products. One of them LG KE850 Prada, The first touch screen phone to win IPhone.

The LG Prada was first announced on December 15, 2006, and first went on sale in May 2007. Apple, meanwhile, announced that the original iPhone would go on sale on June 9, 2007 at the MacWold Expo in June 2007.

Touch screen phones were around for years before these two phones were introduced. However, LG Prada uses capacitive touch screen technology that can be operated with a finger touch without the need for a stylus.

LG Prada has partnered with Fashion House to design this fashion phone. This phone is also sold with a leather case, which further emphasizes its status as a fashion item.

The live release date and nearly identical design have certainly gone unnoticed. Woo-Young Quake, head of LG’s Cell Phone R&D Center, is accused of following Apple’s design LG Prada.

“We believe Apple copied the Prada phone after it was displayed at the IF Design Awards and won the award in September 2006,” said Quack.

LG Prada back view photo: LG Prada

The 3 inch LG Prada screen has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. This phone has three body buttons on the front for receiving and ending calls.

This phone can be operated with one finger touch, not a stylus like most pocket PCs, but using an anti-touch screen. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can open the LG Prada Opera Mini application and open office documents and PDFs.

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The rest of the specs were far less than that of the premium phones of its time. Only 8MB of internal memory, but can be expanded up to 2GB using microSD.

The LG Prada is equipped with a rear camera and LED flash. This rear camera can record 400 x 240 pixel videos, but it is better than the original iPhone which doesn’t have a video recording feature.

LG is able to sell one million units LG Prada In 18 months. Compared to the iPhone, the LG Prada has definitely lost badly in terms of its legacy in the world of sales and mobile phones.

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