The first snow fell on the Red Mountain saddle. The police had to stop the main move for two hours Home

The main route through the Red Mountain saddle, which connects Umperk with Jesenek, was closed in the morning due to poor navigability. After two hours, the road in the direction from Jesenka to Umperk was put into operation, and later also in the direction. The saddle was covered with snow and an iceberg, the move is blocked by a truck that the saddle could not pull out. The snow covered the mountains, on Ovrn le a dog ten centimeters.


The police closed the saddle due to poor passability before 09:00. The police gave her the idea to be careful. Because in this section you are forming an iceberg, expensive vehicles cannot leave and stay on the curb, said Jesenice police spokeswoman Tereza Neubauerov.

Road I / 44 dog ervenohorsk Sedlo in the Jesenice region was opened for one hour in both directions, the police announced on Twitter.

According to traffic information from the police, the glacier and the snow complicate traffic between Luna nad Desnou in the Umbrian region and Blou pod Praddem in the Jesenice region in 17 km, cars can travel around Pemyslov, Nov Losiny, Branná, Ostruna and Lipová-lzn. The trucks must be repented, and the saddle should come out, say the police.

Since 2017, private companies that have won the contract have been taking care of the winter gossip of the 1st roads in the Olomouc Region, ie also pulling a saddle. At first the roads are in charge of the roads, etc. According to the dispatchers there, the temperatures in the highest parts of the saddle are around zero, about three centimeters of snow fell. In the other hundreds in the north of the Olomouc region, the temperatures are high and high, the roads are clear and wet.

This is the first time that snow has fallen on the saddle of the Upper Mountain saddle in the highest cities. Below pr, u ns is about six steps, said the dispatcher umpersk first roads.

According to the dispatcher of Jesenick, the first roads can only be found in the highest parts of the saddle. Decide there a lot of meters above sea level. Roads of the species and tetch td are wet in the Jesenice region. At first, she didn’t send sypae to tern today, not a reason, the dispatcher added.

Bl atmosphere rno prevails in Ovrn. According to Onděj, kovrnek from the Jesenice mountain service started dreaming after full moon and snow. The temperature is one degree below zero, it occurred over ten centimeters of snow, said the dispatcher of the Jesenice mountain service Ondej kovrnek.

According to the experience of mountain preserves, it is relatively early for this time, especially given the amount of snow. Those years ago I remember that the snow fell on June 5, but it was not so much. According to the experience of colleagues, a lot of snow fell on June 18, 2003, at that time it was not possible to drive without crossing roads, he added.


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