The first of the elections “How Brother Rabbit defeated the lion” and “Premier of the Forest” in the puppet theater

In collaboration with composer Mika Frischfeld and legendary puppet animation artist Gediminas Kotello, a wonderful and melodious adventure has been created, which will invite the public to protect their homes and freedom with courage and determination.

In the forest live the inhabitants of the forest – a fox, a wolf, a mouse, a crow, a rabbit – who are busy every day with their work, quarrels and riots. One day, a stranger bursts into their dynamic and familiar order of life – the great Leo, who has decided to annoy everyone and introduce his own order – not at all beneficial, pleasant or pleasing to others. When diplomatic efforts to curb the Lion’s arbitrariness fail, Brother Rabbit must figure out what to do with the uninvited guest to save his own skin and that of his friends.

Actors Anrijs Sirmais, Santa Dižus, Arnita Jaunzeme and Lienīte Osipova will bring the characters of the show to life in the production of technically complex puppets.