the first designs of the new generation

WILL ARRIVE IN 2023 – Always tall, big and thick. With a stage presence that remains impressive and elegant, but clearly more “minimal”. This is how the new one appears in a succession of rendered images popped up on the website of the European Patent Office Volvo XC90 that will change its name: no more initials in favor of a more personal name (some speculate that it could be Embla). The next generation of the Swedish company’s raised-wheeled flagship is expected on the market in 2023, although the presentation of the car could take place a little earlier, perhaps by the end of this year. At the moment, there is not much and detailed information regarding the new model. For sure it will be powered by its own electric motors and will rest on the new one SPA2 platform that Volvo will also use for future models in the range: an advanced architecture and, above all, prepared for autonomous driving.

WILL DRIVE (ALSO) ALONE – One thing is therefore almost certain: the Volvo XC90 of the next generation – which will be assembled in the same American plant in Ridgeville, near Charleston, South Carolina, where the house produces the S60 sedan – will be able to move even on its own. This can be seen from the presence on the roof of LIDAR sensors, which by mapping the surrounding environment should be able to guarantee a system of assisted driving level 3.

OUTSIDE IS MORE MINIMALIST – If, as mentioned at the beginning, the definitive appearance of the new Volvo XC90 should it follow the one prefigured by the digital drawings you see on this page, it is reasonable to expect a car characterized by a “cleaner” surface treatment. Many stylistic features are linked to the style proposal put forward by the Swedish house last year with the prototype Recharge. However, these are precisely individual aesthetic elements, such as, for example, the much thinner headlights (the front ones are in the shape of an inverted T). The proportions, on the other hand, are not crossover, but from vera suv, and therefore very faithful to those that characterize the current Volvo XC90, in the breach since 2015. Net of the strong impact connected to the many technological innovations that the new Swedish SUV will bring as a dowry, the style of the new SUV is precisely the style one of the most important to analyze. Because the Volvos of tomorrow will look a lot like her.

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