The filmmakers remake the latest Bond. An up-to-date Nokia mobile phone is required for the scenes

The current situation associated with the fight against the spread of coronavirus has had, has and will result in a great many things. We would find both negative and positive examples. And sometimes a little strange, albeit logical curiosity. One of them is definitely the journey of a new film with the legendary agent James Bond to the cinemas. The film No Time to Die is also interesting in that it has a sponsorship marketing agreement show one of the latest nokia phones. And that is the problem in the current situation. It is a film with the first clapper already in 2019, which was supposed to go with a demonstration of a new phone to cinemas in 2020. As at least film fans know, this did not happen in the end. As a result, filmmakers are now they remake the last James Bond, among other things, because of this Nokia phone.

Some members of the staff shared the information with The Sun magazine. Given the circumstances, Nokia and other brands have decided to push the filmmakers to replace their products with newer ones. Apparently it is not only the mentioned mobile phone, but also for Omega watches, Bollinger champagne or Adidas shoes. It has not been specified whether it will be directly touches, or only graphic designers and editors will take care of the replacement. Maybe it’s a combination of both.

There is probably enough time. The currently set premiere date is October 2021. While the filmmakers are remaking the film itself for the Nokia phone, fans of the series are also impatiently addressing the question of who will continue to play James Bond. Daniel Craig ends in the role and the new name should be announced after the premiere of No Time to Die.

Which phone could eventually appear in the movie?

Source: The Sun

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