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The film “THE LOST LEONARDO” in Freiburg

It was a sensation: after almost 100 years, a new Leonardo appeared on the market for the first time in 2006, which a few years later became the most expensive painting of all time. To be too good to be true? Perhaps, as Andreas Koefoed shows in his documentary THE LOST LEONARDO, which rousingly dissects the absurdities of the art world.

Ironically, this story is about a representation of Christ blessing, extremely fitting and also a bit ironic. Because the question of whether the painting Salvator Mundi is actually a real Leonardo is not least a question of faith. Because hardly any of those involved in this story acted really cheated, really criminal, rather the sellers of the picture did not offer more than the possibility that the painting, rediscovered in 2005, is a real Leonardo – and the buyers believed or wanted to believe that the painting is real … A fabulous story that the Dane Andreas Koefoed traces in his film – and tells a lot about the imponderables, the abysses of the art market, but also about perception and the desire to be deceived .

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