The figure of Timur Lenk, the Muslim conqueror who controls the territory of the former great Mongol authority


The statue of Timur Lenk is firmly located in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Photos/wikipedia

SAMARKAND – The figure of Timur Lenk can rarely be heard by the general public. In fact, he was known as a Muslim conqueror whose empire was very large.

So who is this Timur Lenk?

Citing information from Rohendi’s thesis titled “The Invasion of Islamic Territory by Timur Lenk (1370-1405)”, Timur Lenk is of Turkic-Mongol descent known to the Western world as Tamburlaine or Tamerlane.

In his story, he was born near a city called Kesh, South of Samarkand in Uzbekistan on April 8, 1336 AD

The origin of the name itself comes from the Mongolian language, Timur means iron, while Lenk is a nickname meaning lame.

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As a young man, Timur learned many fighting skills, including wielding a sword and riding a horse.

With his muscular and tall physique, this is yet another motivation to boost his confidence.

Once upon a time there was a Mughal Khan named Tughluk Timur who came to attack the area where he lived.

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