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the fight against breast cancer through photography

five years of work ‘From them’. This is the name of the initiative launched by My World in Images. Claudia Aguilar, photographer since 2017, has closed the fifth edition of this project with which she raises funds for the investigation on breast cancer. It’s a homage to his motherPaqui, who suffered from this disease. “It’s a way to pay homage to her, to her struggle, to the example she was for everyone. She is a person who makes no noise, to put it in some way. Up to a moment like this she remained silent, without crumble”.

The project consists of delivering five photos in digital format in exchange for five euros, although the number of shots may vary depending on the donation. They can participate women over 18 years years. Photos can be individual or group. “With friends, sisters, colleagues and each of them he makes his contribution”.

With this initiative he collaborates with the Association of Jerez has mastectomized women (LOVES). “When I thought about this campaign, I wanted to contribute to an association in the city and I came across them on social media. I saw that they do an admirable job: they help women with labor and psychological problems with breast cancer, and they do a great job. fantastic. ” She contacted María José, her president, and she approved the idea.

All profits are donated to the AMMA and this association, in turn, allocates it to the University of Granada for the research.

‘For them’ is a work of solidarity that satisfies him a lot on a professional level. As soon as she started her career as a photographer, she went over and over again until she found the best way to partner with this cause, the way to deal with it. “Always with him combat example and hopes for his mother, “he insists.

It is a privilege to be able to help form a mountain with my grain of sand “

“Unfortunately, we all know someone who suffers from it or has suffered from it and it is a cause that touches us very closely. privilege to help to form a small mountain with my grain of sand ”. Most of the women who come to collaborate in the campaign have not suffered from the disease. Only about four suffered from breast cancer. The others participate in the photo shoot because they know ”Those who have suffered and joined the campaign were young women and they tell me who participate for rejoice to the women who suffer from it. It’s a very exciting thing. “

In this fifth edition more than 40 women photographed ‘For them’. Without a doubt, it is the year that has had the greatest impact. The sessions took place outside his usual studio, as he is in full swing with the Christmas campaign. In each edition he tries to convey something meaningful. On this occasion it was built in a house under renovation, with fallen walls, “all shoulder sleeves”. It was like getting into the feeling of being in sickness. The models of solidarity entered frightened.

“I explained to them that I had chosen that place because we know that when this disease is diagnosed, the person and his relatives have life a bit like this, in ruins. You don’t know how to say it, you don’t know I don’t see anything nice. But, like in that place where we took the photos, there were windows and a very beautiful light came in which tells you that there is hope. eventually you can get out“, explains Claudia, photographer of My World in Images and promoter of ‘For them’.

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