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The fault lies with the Communist Party of China

On June 19, the day without VAT was held, which was a success for the government, due to the avalanche of buyers in various parts of the country, but whose disorganization (especially in some shopping centers) will cause a significant increase in contagions from the COVID-19 in the coming days, according to experts. Against this background, the politicians of what is called the left, especially those of the Marxist current, are already planning their macabre feast in the face of the failure of the executive, in response to which it must be said that if the announced prediction occurs in Colombia it is only a sequel to what the Communist Party of China did (which allowed the origin and spread of the plague throughout the world) … the errors or successes of the different governments are only effects.

It is the obligation of any serious government to face the pandemic with all the resources of the State and avoid the economic collapse, which in this case would produce hunger for millions of Colombians, a situation that the followers of the communist swindle of Marxism-Leninism would use for their grim intentions, yes forgetting where the plague comes from. Now, in the face of the great tribulation that the Chinese Communist Party is causing the planet with COVID-19, Marxism-Leninism should be declared an enemy of humanity … therefore, in Colombia especially, the citizens who vote for candidates who are backed by groups or parties that embrace Marxism.

Without discussion, the contagions, deaths, hunger and all the misfortunes that the coronavirus has generated, is generating and will generate come from China. So, it is too opportunistic to point out the mistakes that any government can make in the face of the emergency, when we know the origin of the health catastrophe and also that nobody has a magic recipe to solve the dire consequences of the plague, since it is an atypical situation for the that humanity was not ready.

Thus, universal rights were violated by the Chinese regime, which did not give nations an early warning about COVID-19 … now there are consequences. However, in Colombia, the mamertería seeks that the government be the scapegoat, as if the evil were unique and exclusive to the country. It is not for nothing that we have heard any leader of the different constituencies of Marxism speaking out about the responsibility of the Communist Party of China for the birth and spread of the coronavirus.

In this sense, the nations should demand compensation from the Chinese government to alleviate the plague that was generated in the city of Wuhan, whose fault is the Marxist clique. I insist, the afflictions that Colombia or any part of the earth suffers from the pandemic have the perverse seal of the Communist Party of China … the rest are the results. Thus it is patented that communism despises the human being and therefore life, despite the fact that crypto-communists and useful idiots seek to excuse Marxist practices.

In the face of the plague of the Chinese virus, it is the responsibility of any democratic government to defend the citizens, not only from the pandemic but also from what happens in the economic and social aspects. Hence, the day without VAT was intended to ensure that no more jobs were lost, especially in the industrial, commercial and service sectors, although all the cataclysm that the towns are currently suffering is marked by the irresponsibility of Beijing. Therefore, the mammets, with their different masks, should not open their mouths to criticize the government’s initiatives in the face of the health catastrophe, rather they should be a little embarrassed, since the pandemic tidal wave that we are experiencing was allowed by the Chinese regime that it follows the Marxist dogmas, like the Creole mamertos.

In the face of the tremendous calamity for the irresponsibility of the Marxist grotesque, represented in the Chinese government, the words of Olavo de Carvalho, a Brazilian philosopher, must be remembered, who affirmed: “Communism is not a great ideal that was perverted. It is a perversion that was sold as a great ideal. “

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