The father in prison had confided to his son his trafficking in cocaine and heroin in Avignon

A 19-year-old had taken over in the Rocade and Barbière districts of Avignon the her father’s trafficking in heroin and cocaine, in prison in Pontet (Vaucluse) for several sentences of drug trafficking.

The son had even recruited a 22-year-old employee for the deliveries. The father gave his instructions by telephone from the remand center. He also put his son in relation to his wholesaler as a heroine.

The son and his delivery man were arrested by the police in Avignon. The wholesaler was arrested in Pontet. A customer who is also a reseller was arrested in Saint Saturnin Les Avignon.

Network controlled by phone from prison

Police investigators believe the son has bought and sold 1.5 kilograms of heroin, 600 grams of cannabis resin and 400 grams of cocaine in two months from around 40 regular customers. The retail value of the drug sold is around 100,000 euros.

The five men arrested were imprisoned in different prisons awaiting trial.


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