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The famous South Korean singer Park Bo Ram was found dead: photo

An investigation is currently underway.


A famous South Korean singer, K-pop star died under unknown circumstances Pak Bo Ram.

As write The Sun, the singer passed away on April 11 at the age of 30. According to the police report, the singer went to a party with friends that fateful day. It is noted that the performer left her friends and went to the dressing room.

Friends sounded the alarm when Park Bo Ram did not return for a long time. When they entered the bathroom, they found her passed out over the sink. Friends called an ambulance and tried to perform artificial respiration.

Park Bo Ram / Photo: instagram.com/ramramram2

The doctors took Park Bo Ram to the hospital, but they couldn’t do anything either. The artist’s heart stopped.

The cause of death is currently unknown. The police are investigating. They officially invited an autopsy to be conducted on the body.

Note that Park Bo Ram is a famous South Korean singer. The artist made her debut in August 2014, releasing the track Beautiful. Since then, her career has gone up rapidly, and the performer has become insanely popular. Her songs received various prestigious awards and were featured in many Korean dramas.

Park Bo Ram / Photo: instagram.com/ramramram2

We will remind, recently it became known that the famous humorist died and the captain of the KVK “Odesa Gentlemen” team Svyatoslav Pelishenko. The comedian died at the age of 72.

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