The Exchange Scheme Fraud: Beware of Shiny Banknotes

How the exchange scheme works

Tatyana said that she changed dollars from the sale of a car at Poznyaki, in particular, at 41, Pyotr Grigorenka Street. According to the woman, the dollars were all new. But the cashier returned one bill to her, saying that she allegedly “shines”. In fact, the exchange office employee simply changed the banknote.

Interestingly, the next client was also told, having pulled off the same shenanigan.

“I thought it was a coincidence,” wrote Torgonskaya.

“On the same day, I changed another $ 2,000 in the same place, and again returned the “luminous” bill, but this time I was already watching my hands. The cashier brings money into the blind zone, the returned bill was worn out so much that it looked like a rag in my the pile was only new crispy banknotes. I tried to quarrel that the cashier replaces people with banknotes that they do not accept later, but they told me that I had nothing to show, because I did not record the banknote numbers, “complained a resident of Kiev.

The woman called the police and wrote a statement about fraud in the department.

What could such scams mean?

Tatyana assumes that after the information that PrivatBank terminals do not accept currency, exchangers are actively selling worn and labeled banknotes. In particular, the owner of this exchanger set up a fraudulent scheme.

The woman gave advice to people – to buy currency only in banks, and before handing over the currency, take pictures of the banknote numbers and, in case of fraud, call the police and record fraudulent activities.

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Residents of Kyiv shared similar stories about scammers

So, Andrey Vdovenko, in the comments to the post, said that he bought euros in the exchanger at Revutsky 12/1 in the Thrash store. Three weeks later, he wanted to hand them over. But the exchanger said that they “shine” and they will be accepted only with a 30% discount.

Oksana Parfenyuk noted in the same comments that such cases are not at all uncommon.

“Near Eldorado on the Decembrists, there is an electronic sign for accepting worn-out banknotes. And it’s not the first time I’ve heard such a canoe today. I should probably go somewhere,” she wrote.

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