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“The Escape of Seven”: Episode 16 Recap and Season Finale Preview

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SBS’s new drama “The Escape of Seven” tells the story of a girl who disappears in a lie and the seven villains involved. It is the third collaboration between the famous director team Kim Soon-ok and Joo Dong-min after “The Queen’s Dignity” and “The Penthouse”. Cooperation, episode 16 aired last night.

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*The following contains the key plot points of episode 16 of “Escape of 7”!


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same front

Monet tried to kill her daughter because of K, Jinmou killed Pingxi because of K, and Daohe wanted to avenge his family. The three of them joined forces to encircle and suppress K.

Father and son recognize each other

Chairman Shen finally recognized Matthew as Shen Junxi, and also learned that his son was not dead. It was Dao He who was framed as a murderer by him. He was shocked and regretful. K planned to kill Dao Hyuk in front of Chairman Shen. Chairman Shen blocked the gun for his son and desperately bought time, allowing Dao Hyuk to escape smoothly.

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The evil CP turns against him for money

Before Fang Qixing died, he entrusted a huge amount of cash to Secretary Huang. For five years, Secretary Huang disguised himself as a homeless old man and loyally protected Fang Qixing’s property. Nan Zheyu and the car owner Lan sneaked into the secret room of Secretary Huang’s house at night and stole cash. Unexpectedly, they encountered a traffic police interrogation on the road and the cash car was driven away in the chaos. It turns out that the traffic policeman was pretending, and the person who drove away the car was none other than Secretary Huang.

Car owner Lan thought it was Qin Luoxi who was doing the trick, while Qin Luoxi thought it was K who was monopolizing the property, and the two had a big quarrel. Little did he know that Hyuk had installed a pinhole camera at the scene and broadcast the fact that “Matthew is Shim Junxi” to the world.

(Source: Huang Viu drama platform @Screenshot of “The Escape of 7 People”)

Next week is the Season 1 finale! Shen Junxi still confidently shouted to Dohyuk. Dohyuk put his mouth on Shen Junxi’s head and said deeply: “I will punish you for those innocent people who died in your hands.” Viu Original original suspense revenge Korean drama ” “The Escape of 7” is released on the Huang Viu drama platform at 10:30 pm every Friday and Saturday!

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