The Elda market opens after four months of inactivity | Radio Elda | Present

After of four months without riding their stalls, the usual vendors of the jumble sale from Santa Barbara in Elda have returned.

But they have done it on the street Jaime Balmes and surrounding areas, the controversial new location Eld Town Halla has decided with the aim of being able to comply with the safety and hygiene measures required in the health crisis due to the coronavirus.

One morning that started early, at 6 o’clock, when the vendors began to assemble their huts. At around 9 a.m., sellers were already offering their products to customers who they waited for weeks to be able to buy in their usual stalls.

Elda Market / Cadena SER

In the early afternoon the market closed, with mixed impressions and opinions.

On the one hand, the town hall, through the Councilor for Markets, Sarah López, expresses her satisfaction for how this first day has developed. He claims that sellers and buyers have passed on their “good sensations”.

He adds that the market has been developed with very specific measures regarding capacity control and health. In the same way, it is willing to work to improve “mistakes or things that could be improved”, until reaching a favorable scenario for “the merchants, neighbors and people who are going to make their purchases.”

By cons, merchants and neighbors by Jaime Balmes, now gathered at the Platform for those affected by the market, they have a completely different impression.

We have spoken with one of the comercaintes, David Martínez, who criticizes the lack of capacity control, highlighting that the market It has lacked an input circuit and an output circuit

Activity at the Elda market

Activity at the Elda / Facebook Platform market affected by the market

Comercaintes denounce moments of agglomerations, especially at peak times, like 12 o’clock.

They also criticize the absence of portable toilets. The City Council promised that they would be installed but it has not been like that.

They continue to be against this location and defend that sellers want their place back too in Virgen de la Cabeza, where they have always been and customers locate them.

The Platform of those affected by the market has called a meeting to analyze this day next Monday, July 6, at 9 pm, in the Parque de la Concordia.

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