the doors of the possible open at the Center Pompidou-Metz

how will the future be? Nothing is said, nothing is predetermined. Nothing will necessarily be dark. The Center Pompidou-Metz takes hold of science fiction to make it the heroine of its new exhibition, open until April 2023. “The doors of the possible, art and science fiction” invites in five chapters to question today’s society, obviously to be afraid, sometimes, too, but above all to marvel. There are obviously multiple references, which remind us how much our culture is already steeped in science fiction, from Brave New World to Starwars. But the prejudice of the curator of the exhibition, Alexandra Müller, is also that of opening up to something new, in our perspective of the world, through afrofuturism. The whole offers an often surprising, intriguing, sometimes complex exhibition, which leaves the field open to interpretation. And therefore of the possible.

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