The dolmen of Santa Inés in Bernardos suffers a vandalism attack | Radio Segovia

New act of vandalism against the archaeological heritage of the province. In this case, the attack took place in the Santa Inés dolmen, in Bernardos, which is the only one in our territory.

It is a large collective tomb, built about 6,000 years ago during the period known as Neolithic. This type of monument was used to bury their own, by the first peasant and livestock communities in this sector of the Eresma valley.

APIA, the Association of Friends of Slate and Archeology, has been in charge of denouncing this new attack that has occurred on one of the slate slabs that cover the corridor that gives access to the burial chamber.

These slabs had been moved to the immediate surroundings of the dolmen during this year’s excavation campaign that took place in the first weeks of July. It is suspected that the author or authors are minors due to the type of graphite made. The attack consisted of scratching and making graffiti on one of the slabs, in which it is suspected that there may be Neolithic engravings, so the damage could be more serious than what is seen with the naked eye.

From the association it is pointed out that a reflection should be carried out before this type of acts, on the values ​​that are transmitted to young people, especially, in the family environment. Since it is the responsibility of the entire society to protect our cultural heritage, which is the legacy received from our ancestors and that we must pass on to future generations.

Apia recalls that attacks on cultural heritage can constitute a crime with deprivation of liberty or an administrative sanction with high financial fines. The team responsible for the excavation has adopted protection measures for the two slabs, as well as other elements of the dolmen.

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