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The Disappointment of Mariupol: The Fairy Tale Christmas Tree that Never Arrived

Veliky Ustyug promised the residents of occupied Mariupol a “fairy tale” in the form of a 50-meter spruce tree, but in reality everything turned out differently.

As usual, Kremlin propaganda knows its business. Back on December 10, the head of the Veliky Ustyug district, Alexander Kuzmin, announced for the residents of Mariupol a 5-meter live Christmas tree, which was supposed to decorate the main square of the city.

In his own words, residents of Mariupol have not seen a live Christmas tree in their city for “a very, very long time.” Moreover, along with the spruce, toys made by the children of local clubs were also sent, the channel reports.Ukraine 365“.

One of the initiators of such an action was the propagandist Leontiev, who spoke on camera about the “spirit of unity” on New Year’s Eve between Russians and Mariupol residents. In his words, supposedly “finally, the original Russian lands have reunited again,” and spruce is a connecting link between the “old and new” regions of the Russian Federation.

Not only the ceremonial cutting down of the spruce was filmed, but also the children who placed homemade toys in the truck next to the tree.

And then there was occupied Mariupol. In the city center, instead of a lush 50-meter fir tree, a 12-meter plucked fir tree was installed. Nobody knows where the “green beauty” from Ustyug went. It is possible that the truck did not take it to its destination, and the driver and Kuzmin sold it to the left. With the money raised, they will celebrate 2024 well, and the residents of occupied Mariupol are again left with nothing.

We previously reported that 18-year-old Ermokhin, kidnapped by the invaders in Mariupol, managed to return to Ukraine in mid-November.

Let us remind you that residents of occupied Mariupol staged a rally because of the Kremlin’s actions. The occupiers decided to demolish the old houses and build new ones in their place, but for residents from the Russian Federation.

Author: Dmitry Myronenko

2023-12-12 05:54:28

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