Meteorology for citizens: a significant rise in temperature and humidity reaches the peak

New coverage provided by Youm7 TV, prepared by Hadeel Al-Banna and presented by Alaa Shata, about the expected weather, for the coming hours, as the country is witnessing a noticeable rise in humidity throughout the day, which increases the sense of high temperatures, so that very hot and humid weather prevails in Cairo during the day Greater, Lower Egypt, South Sinai and South Upper Egypt, hot and humid on the northern coasts, moderate and humid at night on the northern coasts, hot and humid on the rest of the parts.

The satellites of the Meteorological Authority monitored wind activity on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea (Matrouh – El Alamein), which leads to waves rising up to two metres..

The Meteorological Authority indicated that most of the blocks that we are affected by are northern blocks coming from the Mediterranean, which leads to an increase in humidity, which gives a sense of a significant rise in temperatures during the month of August.

Meteorologists warned against direct exposure to sunlight to prevent an increase in the feeling of heat, and the need to wear cotton clothes and drink cold drinks to compensate for the percentage of water lost from the body. .

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