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The director of the Hermitage is ready to help restore Palmyra – 2024-02-27 23:12:49

/ world today news/ The General Director of the Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrovsky, said that the institution he heads is ready to help restore Palmyra by providing the materials collected in the museum on the history of the ancient city, and also to share the Russian experience in the restoration of monuments , reported “Vzglyad” on Sunday, March 27.

“The Hermitage, as a large scientific institution, is ready to participate in the assessment of damage, in the development of a restoration project and in discussions on the problem of what the restoration should be. This is a very serious problem,” Piotrovsky told TASS.

According to the management of the Hermitage, before proceeding with restoration, “order should be introduced and everything should be studied – and here our team can be very useful”, says the institution.

“Secondly, it will be an international effort, which will be very serious,” noted Piotrowski. The help of the main Russian museum is of great importance, because in its repositories there is a huge Palmyra collection, which would help Palmyra to become a cultural site again, a monument to the victory over fanaticism, and not just a tourist site.

On March 26, Syrian army soldiers, who resumed their offensive against terrorists in Palmyra with the help of Russia, took down the flag of the terrorist group “Islamic State” (IS) from the hill on which the ancient fortress is located.

Russian scientists play an important role in the study of the cultural and historical heritage of Syria. One of the first descriptions of Palmyra was by Princess Lidia Alexandrovna Pashkova, who was a famous writer and traveler. In 1882, while excavating Palmyra, the Russian orientalist Semyon Abambek-Lazarev found a marble tablet with inscriptions in Greek and Aramaic containing a customs tariff from 137 AD, which subsequently played a huge role in the study of the Aramaic language (the plate is kept in the Hermitage). In 1884 Abambek-Lazarev published a book with a magnificent layout – “Palmyra”, and 100 years later the scientist from St. Petersburg I. Sh. Shifman published a study and translation of this monument. The famous Russian art critic and archaeologist Boris Farmakovski also made a serious contribution to the study of Palmyra.

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