The Director of ‘Captain Marvel 2’ Discusses Creative Limitations and Personal Growth in the Marvel Universe

The Director of ‘Captain Marvel 2’ Discusses Creative Limitations and Personal Growth in the Marvel Universe

And on some shooting days she “grew up.”

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“Captain Marvel 2” director Nia DaCosta the field a long interview with Vanity Fair about her career and work on the Marvel film, which turned out to be her first film of this scale.

DaCosta knew she would likely face creative limitations if she agreed to work on the film. She prepared in advance that some ideas could not be realized, and key decisions would be made by the curator of the cinematic universe, Kevin Feige.

This is a film produced by Kevin Feige. This is his picture. You have to live in that reality and it is better to accept in advance that some of your ideas will fade into the background.

Nia DaCosta, creator of “Captain Marvel 2”

DaCosta was pleased with the film’s production process, but admitted that she sometimes “gave up.” At such moments, she turned to Destin Cretton, director of the film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” for advice.

Sometimes you shoot a scene and wonder what the hell is going on in it. Or when actors pretend to see something strange in space, but in reality they are looking at a blue cross. Sometimes it was just hard, and other days it felt like nothing was working.

Nia DaCosta, creator of “Captain Marvel 2”

DaCosta is glad she got to work on a big film, but she wants to focus on her own ideas in the near future.

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This isn’t the first time directors have mentioned Marvel’s limitations. For example, Scott Derrickson didn’t film a second Doctor Strange due to creative differences with the studio. At the same time Chloe Zhao (“Eternals”) and Sam Raimi (sequel to Doctor Strange) had no problem with Marvel.

Captain Marvel 2 will be released overseas on November 10th. Previously, Nia DaCosta told how, in her opinion, the film differs from other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The authors also believe that the film will definitely influence the future of the cinematic universe.

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