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the Dijon Judicial Police and the GIR dismantle a team of traffickers

On Friday April 1, investigators from the Dijon Judicial Police, with the Research and Intervention Brigade, arrested six people in connection with drug trafficking.

The police officers of the Judicial Police of Dijon had been investigating for several months the actions of a team of criminals engaged in the supply, from the Parisian plate, in cannabis and cocaine of several points of deal of the Quartier de Reconquête Républicaine de Chenôve and downtown Dijon.

A press release from the Judicial Police explains that it is thanks to numerous surveillances in the Dijon conurbation that it has been shown that this traffic was well established, benefiting from a solid and well-established organization. This traffic carried out a significant number of transactions and generated a significant volume of cash receipts.

On April 1, under the direction of the Dijon Investigating Judge seized of the investigation, the operation was launched, simultaneously proceeding to the arrest of the vehicle (a Mercedes Vito van) likely to be carrying a large sum of money, as well as several individuals delivering narcotics to some of their customers.

6 individuals were thus arrested on Friday April 1 from the beginning of the evening by investigators from the Dijon Judicial Police, assisted by the Dijon BRI (Research and Intervention Brigade).

On board the Mercedes Vito, the police discovered nearly 82,000 euros in cash bundled up. The other searches, carried out in particular in an apartment in the city center of Dijon used as a place of storage, preparation and preparation of orders, ultimately led to the seizure of 1.5 kg of cocaine, 500 grams of herbal cannabis and 20 kg of cannabis resin and a 22 caliber handgun.

The GIR (Interministerial Research Group) of Dijon, a service dedicated to the seizure of criminal assets, carried out the seizure of €57,000 on the bank accounts of the criminals, other sums of money in cash (6000 euros and 2000 Swiss Francs) as well as two vehicles.

The search also made it possible to discover objects that could come from an organized gang theft, of which the Dijon Judicial Police was in charge of the investigations.

This investigation made it possible to establish that in the space of a few months, approximately 1 million euros passed through the hands of this team of Burgundian traffickers.
On Tuesday April 5, 5 men aged 37 to 47 were presented to the Investigating Judge. At the end, the 5 men were indicted and 3 of them imprisoned.

According to our colleagues from the newspaper Le Bien Public, a patrol of the Specialized Field Brigade (BST) would have been the target of mortar fire while circulating on Wednesday April 6 around 11:30 p.m., avenue Champollion in the Grésilles district.

They would have come under mortar fire and other projectiles, attacked by a dozen individuals. They responded with tear gas, and there would be no injuries on the side of the police forces.

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