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The Dangers of Downloading GB WhatsApp: What You Need to Know

KURUSETRA — Greetings, brothers… WhatsApp is now one of the message sharing applications that occupies the top position. However, the presence of GB WhatsApp (GB WA), which offers more features, has made quite a few netizens download and install GB WA.

For those of you who want to download GB WA, you need to be careful. The reason is that there are many hidden dangers from these illegal applications, such as the potential for data leaks.

GB WA does have more features than the original WhatsApp. However, these illegal applications have dangerous negative impacts.

The following are the differences between original WhatsApp and GB WA

1. GB WhatsApp GB is only available for Android phones, while official WhatsApp is available for various platforms such as iOS and Android. WhatsApp is officially available on the App Store or Play Store, while WhatsApp GB can only be downloaded via APK and installed manually.

2. The security of GB WA is not guaranteed because it has a high risk of being attacked by malware and spyware. Meanwhile, official WhatsApp is very unlikely to be attacked by malware because it is guaranteed by the provider.

3. As a modified application, the GB WhatsApp developer is not clear who owns it, while WhatsApp is an official application made by Meta.

4. GB WA has more features than the original WhatsApp. Such as being able to download friends’ statuses, change themes, and even read deleted messages.

Dangers of Downloading GB WA

1. Risk of being attacked by malware and spyware
2. WhatsApp can block GB WA users
3. There are no automatic updates so you have to update frequently.


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