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The Dangerous Effects of Alcohol on the Brain: Insights from a “Brain Doctor”

“Brain doctor” exposes the dangers of “alcohol” causing premature brain atrophy. Alzheimer’s faster Adding to problems with the vascular system, stroke, low blood platelets, high risk of death, disability, “Por Tek Tung” reveals that after 10 p.m. he collects accident cases, 80-90% of them are drunk. He advises not to drink and drive, use public transportation instead.

On September 19 at the Mandarin Samyan Hotel in the seminar “Alcohol and the Brain …The truth of drinkers” Dr. Phongthep Wongwatcharapaiboon Director of the Health System Development Support Office The Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health Promotion Foundation) said that alcoholic beverages are classified as a harmful substance. that has widespread health and social impacts Data from the World Health Organization found that every year around the world, approximately 3 million people die from alcohol poisoning. It is the cause of more than 230 types of diseases. Data from the National Statistical Office in 2021 found that there were 57 million Thai people aged 15 years and over. People drinking alcohol decreased from 28.40% in 2017 to 28%, with males drinking 46.4% and females drinking 10.8%. There were 5.73 million people who had drunk heavily in the past 12 months, accounting for 10.05%, divided into regular heavy drinkers. 1.37 million people, accounting for 2.40%, and heavy occasional drinkers, 4.36 million people, accounting for 7.65%, with heavy drinkers likely to decrease from 11.9% in 2017 to 10.05% in 2021.

Dr. Phongthep said that from research on the cost of social impacts from alcohol consumption in Thailand in 2021, the estimated economic loss from alcoholic beverages is 165,450.5 million baht or 1.02% of GDP and is calculated as 2,500 baht per capita. and indirect costs from premature death of 159,358.8 million baht. Alcohol causes adverse effects: 1. Health, such as liver disease, ischemic heart disease. Alcohol is acutely toxic. 2. Social and cultural aspects such as family violence, quarrels, road accidents. 3. Economic and national development, such as loss of medical expenses There are problems with work duties. Property damage Lack of opportunities for economic growth The average life expectancy of Thai men in 2021 is 73.5 years, 7 years lower than that of women. This is partly due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Set strategies for policy, academics, civil society and work spatially To create Thai society away from the dangers of alcohol. Because our body has only one body. Can’t change It must be taken care of well so that it can be used long into old age. Therefore, I would like to invite you to use this opportunity to refrain from drinking during Buddhist Lent. Find a time to rest your liver. Reduce brain damage Seriously take a break from drinking. Or it would be best to refrain from drinking.

Dr. Pracha Kanyaprasit Neurological and cerebrovascular surgeon Chiang Mai Ram Hospital said that alcoholic beverages affect the brain both directly and indirectly. As a direct result, the brain’s lifespan is shortened. premature brain atrophy Alzheimer’s occurs faster than it should be. For example, some people may begin to fade away at the age of 90, but in just 50 years they will begin to be unrecognizable. As for the indirect effects Will be transmitted through other systems of the body such as 1. Vascular system. Coronary heart liver metabolic system Alcohol causes blood vessels to become inflamed, deteriorate, become clogged, or become brittle. Strokes can occur more than people who don’t drink. 2. Makes the liver’s job of producing substances that cause blood to clot less work. Makes blood platelets less 3. Causes high blood pressure while drinking. The blood vessel couldn’t handle the pressure and it burst. Cerebral hemorrhage 3. There was an accident. It will cause a lot of bleeding, the bleeding will stop slowly, or the bleeding will not stop. Surgery is difficult because it is difficult to stop the bleeding. It increases the risk of being disabled and dying more than people who don’t drink, so it’s important not to drink and drive.

Mr. Jirattikorn Banjongkit, commander of the Po Tek Tung rescue unit, said that from his experience in providing assistance to injured people. It was found that after 10 p.m., 80% of the number of accidents that occurred were caused by drunkenness. and holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays will increase to more than 90%, which will be difficult to help Because drunk people cannot control their consciousness, they are confused and give confusing information. Sometimes they attack officials. Destroying things on an ambulance Therefore, I would like to propose that more checkpoints be set up. Pubs and bars must join in campaigning for people who drink to not drive. Use public transportation or substitute driver service In Bangkok and surrounding areas, there is a don’t drink and drive project with Por Tek Tung. Call the hotline 1418 and ask a Po Tek Tung officer to help drive you home free of charge. However, as a downstream worker, I do not want the government to have a policy to extend the hours for selling alcoholic beverages. Because today the problems we are burdened with are heavy enough.

Mr. Rangsan Chuenprasert, president of the Amphawa Temple community Bangkok Noi District, Bangkok, 58 years old, said he started drinking alcohol. Smoked cigarettes from age 17 until age 27. Worked as an engineer, supervising technicians. After work, he ate and drank at various restaurants. Do this behavior for many years in a row until you start to notice that health begins to deteriorate Drink little but feel dizzy like a very drunk person. So I started to stop drinking and turn to taking care of my health. But he did not take the medicine strictly as prescribed by the doctor. Until he had more health problems, he couldn’t walk straight, sat and disappeared, he had symptoms of vertigo, so he went to see a doctor. But while waiting to see a doctor, the symptoms recurred, burning eyes, stiff tongue, unable to speak clearly. One side of the limb is paralyzed. The other side is weak. which is a symptom of a chronic disease that is a result of drinking alcohol Have been smoking for a long time, even after quitting But if you neglect your health It will cause the symptoms to worsen, and friends who used to eat and drink together will start to get sick. and many people died Therefore, I would like to invite you to seriously reduce and stop drinking before it is too late.

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