The Czechs have completely wrongly adjusted boilers. Thanks to simple settings, they can save thousands of crowns

The investigation is the main topic of social discussion at this time and is often the order of the day for all of us. Many people try to save on water heating, for example – it is possible, but it can also have its own risks. What should you avoid if you want to save on hot water?

Short and quick shower

The easiest way to save on hot water is to save on it when showering. Definitely take a shower rather than filling a full bath. If you want to save, however, logically you cannot be in a hot shower for half an hour. It is said that it is beneficial if a person takes a shower for three to five minutes. During that time, you can wash yourself in peace, even warm up, but you won’t use too much hot water.

Correct boiler settings

If you heat the water through a boiler, it is necessary to choose the right appliance and set it correctly in order to save money. For larger families, boilers with a larger volume are of course suitable, so that you do not run out of hot water. If you live alone or with just two people, you can easily choose a smaller boiler, which will save you money – because it will not heat an unnecessary amount of water.

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Currently, you can find advice on the Internet that you can save money by reducing the temperature of the water to which it is heated in the boiler, you will surely read somewhere that you do not have to heat it to, for example, 70°C. But beware of these tips, because they could cost you your health. In the temperature range of 20-50 °C, legionella bacteria thrive well, which could then appear in your home.

By lowering the temperature, you can save up to thousands of crowns a year, but do so wisely.

Watch out for legionella

Legionella attacks the lungs and can cause very serious health complications and even death. It can appear, for example, in swimming pools, in fountains or in water pipes, etc. A few months ago, it spread massively in Poland and was responsible for a number of human lives.

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