The Czechia is facing a difficult autumn, Babiš announced

According to the Prime Minister, a country for which the government has planned a deficit of up to 500 billion crowns this year cannot afford measures of an economic nature. Measures in the spring virtually stopped the economy.

In his speech, Babiš stated that the government would no longer introduce economic restrictions. However, he noted that the number of new cases is skyrocketing and many people are behaving as if the coronavirus has disappeared. According to him, the main goal of the government is to protect at-risk groups of the population, which, according to him, include not only people of retirement age, but also citizens over the age of 50 who suffer from various diseases.

“We are very interested in returning to a normal social, cultural and sporting life,” he said.

According to him, people should pay attention to safe distances, hygienic regulations and, of course, wear veils. Although in the spring the others who came out without a veil pointed this out, now people with a veil have become the target of ridicule, which is wrong, he said.

Babiš, who went to visit Austria, therefore called the citizens to account.

From Thursday, mandatory drapes will be introduced in all indoor areas. Babiš has already mentioned that the infected people could help the hygienists and they would be involved in the tracing themselves.

Meanwhile, some countries are preparing to classify Prague as a risk region.

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