The cost of living for the British people has risen significantly and TD gold continues to decline.

On Monday (September 26), Beijing time, at the start of the Asian market, gold’s t + d fluctuated near the 385 yuan / gram priceThe grille has decreased slightly.




Affected by high inflation, the cost of living for the British people has risen significantly. Several Britons interviewed by the media said that the British economic recession has begun and, due to high inflation, their lives have become more awkward and life is even more difficult than the 2008 financial crisis.

Not long ago, Truss was made Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and faced tough challenges early in his inauguration. The UK government Truss announced a series of economic stimulus measures, including large-scale tax cuts, on September 23, local time, in hopes of reviving the UK economy which is about to fall into recession. The Institute for Fiscal Studies think tank thinks it will be the largest tax cut since 1972.

Although the tax cut measures were released, the investment market did not feel relieved but worried that the UK government’s high debt situation would lead to more social unrest. The UK’s opposition Labor Party also disagreed with the move, claiming it was a “hopeless bet”.

Today, gold prices extended Friday’s drop and continued to decline at the open. Gold fell below the 1660 frontline support and turned into resistance. Gold was shuffled again on Friday and 1647 became the last hard-to-reach pressure level, so keep shorting gold.

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