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The coronavirus, Haugesund municipality | Here the infection pressure is highest in Norway now:

The high infection rates continue in a number of Norwegian municipalities.

OSLO (Nettavisen): Lørenskog, Sarpsborg and Haugesund are among the municipalities with the highest infection pressure in Norway in the last 14 days.

  • Lørenskog – with 41,460 inhabitants – has 902.1 new cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days.
  • Sarpsborg – with 56,732 inhabitants – has 749.1 new cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants in the period.
  • Haugesund with 37,357 inhabitants has in the last 14 days 829.8 cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants.

Unknown route of transmission worries

Municipal chief physician Jostein Helgeland reports at 07.30 on Thursday that the high infection rates continue in Haugesund. It reports Haugesunds Avis.

– The spread of infection has by no means begun to calm down. The spread is by no means close to an end, says Helgeland to the newspaper. He says that since Monday, more than 100 new cases have been discovered, several of them with an unknown route of infection.

– That is what worries me the most, says the municipal chief.

New national measures

The contagion situation on Haugalandet, among other places, was the reason why the government first introduced a regional regulation with extensive closure and then stricter national measures. The last ones came into force at midnight.

– The infection situation has become more unstable. We are seeing outbreaks in more and more places in the country. Hospitals must cancel planned treatment to make room for patients with covid-19 and infection detection is under pressure in many municipalities. We are getting more and more outbreaks across the country, and the situation is confusing, said Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Høie on Tuesday this week.

Fear of the Easter holidays

The fear that the Easter holidays will lead to an increased risk of the spread of infection also contributed to the government choosing to tighten further.

– The new national measures apply to the whole country. They will first and foremost be experienced as a tightening where the infection is low. Where the infection is high – as in Oslo, Viken, Salten and Haugalandet – we already have very strict measures, said Høie.

Sarpsborg: 33 new cases in the last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, 33 new corona cases have been detected in Sarpsborg. There are three fewer than the day before, reports NTB.

Five of the infected have an unknown route of infection, while 21 are infected in households, four at school, two at work and one in a private gathering, Sarpsborg municipality states in its websites.

On Wednesday, 516 corona tests were taken in the municipality.

District with Norway’s highest infection pressure

In Drammen municipality, an increasing difference in infection between the municipal parts has become clear in recent days.

The Fjell district can point to Norway’s highest infection pressure. Here the incidence number is 2172 cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, while for Drammen as a whole it was 630 at the same time, writes Drammens Tidende Thursday.

– It is a very high number. And that is twice as much as the top last time, says municipal chief physician John David Johannessen to the newspaper.

These are the inside figures in some of the hardest hit municipalities on Thursday 25 March:

  • Lørenskog: 902.1
  • Haugesund: 829,8
  • Sarpsborg: 749.1
  • Drammen: 678.6
  • Oslo: 642,5
  • Wool items: 625.9
  • Railing: 609.8

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