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The Controversial Romance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: From Blind Date to Royal Scandal

Prince Harry, son of Princess Diana and King Charles III, is known for the scandals he has been involved in around royalty but also for his relationship with Meghan Markle, a courtship that was not accepted and that still generates controversy despite being married.

According to the BBC, the first meeting between Harry and Meghan was planned in July 2016, however, neither of them knew much about the other. For example, Markle said in interviews that she only knew the prince by sight but not beyond the story that involved him, the same happened with Harry, who claimed not to know the young actress before her first meeting in London.

They came to meet through a friend of Meghan’s, who arranged the blind date without imagining that it would culminate a year later in a marriage proposal. Besides, dating rumors started until Octoberand in November, also 2016, Harry warned the press not to harass his girlfriend as he was concerned for Meghan’s safety.

But Meghan and Harry’s first couple photo didn’t come until December, where it appeared on the front page of Britain’s The Sun newspaper. And in May, already in 2017, they were photographed kissing at a polo match.

“We are two really happy and in love people,” Meghan said in an interview cited by CNN.

Seven months later came the great news, because in November Harry and Meghan announced their engagement on Twitter, and with it the great scandal of knowing that Meghan would not be recognized by the royal familyat least for a while and when the recognition came, the couple decided to reject it, moving away from their positions as princes in the year 2020, leaving Buckingham Palace to live a completely normal life, far from the norms and obligations that the monarchy demands. , something that generated a greater fracture in the relationship William and Harry.


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