The consequences of the destruction of Irpin, Mariupol and Chernigov by the invaders were shown from space

The enemy continues to attack civilian objects.



Maxar has published satellite images of Irpen, Mariupol and Chernigov as of March 21.

The footage from space shows the consequences of daily shelling of settlements by Russian invaders.

Two fires are clearly visible in the center of Irpin, next to administrative buildings and a residential area.

The smoke also covered the school building and the residential area near the lake.



Another image shows an increase in the level of flood waters of the Irpin River.



Mariupol is actually destroyed by Russian troops. According to Deputy Mayor Sergei Orlov, there are no more not a single civilian building. The occupiers already killed over 3,000 civilians.

There is a lack of food and water.

People are forced to be buried without names, in mass graves, so the calculation of the exact number of victims of terrorism in the Russian Federation becomes more complicated.

Many occupiers take people to the so-called filtration camps in Russia.

Invader units continue shelling and Chernihiv, do not leave attempts to advance in the direction of Brovary, however, due to losses, they have no success in advancing. They are trying to replenish supplies and conduct reconnaissance.

According to the mayor of the city Vladislav Atroshenko, Chernihiv is actually surrounded by the enemy from all sides. The Russians have been deliberately hitting civilian infrastructure in recent days.

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